Jeff Barrow

We needed a block design that would allow us to create a 16 foot tall unreinforced slope.

Jeff Barrow 2

The end product improved the overall image of the development. It turned the liability of an encroaching stream into a visual asset.


Redi-Rock was the only solution for us. This incredible large block system creates usable land almost anywhere.

Just Verst

The ability to construct the wall without geogrid reinforcement was critically important to our project.

Steve Swift

A lot quicker than conventional concrete… It makes it very easy to get projects completed.

Dave Wormald

We chose Redi-Rock because we wanted to reduce the amount of excavation required and create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Clint Hines

The project required a near vertical face, 21 feet at the highest point, which made the reinforced PC System the best option.

Randy Humbert

When we ran the numbers, Redi-Rock was as economical as any other system, and quite frankly, was easier to install.