Novum Wall

Retain slopes. Control water. Create terracing. Do it all beautifully with Novum Wall.
Simple. Versatile. Attractive. Introducing Novum Wall, a game-changer in the world of landscaping.
Novum Wall by Redi-Rock is an intelligent, adaptable new wet cast Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) solution that will change the way you maximize land and beautify outdoor living spaces. The result of more than 20 years of earth retention research and real world testing, Novum Wall blocks feature solid engineering and practical dimensions that make installation a breeze.

Short Walls, Big Impact

Structurally sound and visually captivating, Novum wall by Redi-Rock is Ideal for gravity walls up to 6 feet tall. Novum blocks offer a smart and sophisticated solution to common landscaping challenges including slopes, grades, water and erosion.

Fast, fluid installation

Novum Wall combines practical dimensions and manageable weight with Redi-Rock’s proprietary knob and groove technology. So installing a Novum wall is straightforward and simple. (Think smaller Lego blocks.)
Block Illustration

Meticulous design and sophistication

With its beautiful natural-looking stone textures and robust construction, Novum adapts seamlessly to your design vision, whether it be terraced gardens, enhanced contours or artistic structural elements.
Maximize Space Erosion Protection

Create space

Novum wall’s wet cast composition makes it just as effective at maximizing space in a residential backyard as preventing erosion on an inland lake. It allows you to overcome limited access and installation footprints like those found in lakefront residential projects.

What can Novum do for you?

Novum wall introduces versatility for everyone. Add value to commercial projects with great looking smaller walls. Meet transportation needs with facing blocks perfectly suited for GRS-IBS bridge applications. Engineering resources for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls using Novum Wall’s friction and Positive Connection (PC) installation capabilities are planned for summer of 2024.

Landscape Contractors

Novum Wall installs simply and quickly. The reduced size and lighter weight of these blocks means you can easily maneuver them into tight spaces with skid-steers and mini-excavators. Considering the business challenges of a shrinking skilled labor pool, unpredictable transportation costs, and challenging installation expectations, Novum can bolster your reliability. Finally, the solid craftsmanship and beauty of Novum wall will satisfy the most sophisticated customer.

Earthwork Contractors

Whether you’re grading a lot, clearing a parcel or excavating a new home, your crew and your equipment are already on-site. Why not leverage the simplicity and efficiency of Novum Wall to add the installation of necessary retaining walls to your service offerings? Even if you’ve never installed a retaining wall before, the practical size and knob-and-groove technology make installation a breeze.

Large Block Installer

Have you been searching for a wall solution that complements the strength and smart looks of Redi-Rock, but on a smaller scale? Novum Wall is the answer. Redi-Rock Novum blocks provide the same gravity and MSE installation capabilities, specifically designed for shorter gravity walls (up to 6 feet tall.) Novum Wall also offers multiple textures designed to complement its large block relative.
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