Precast electrical solutions to save you time and money
Pouring concrete on the job site means time, mess and money. What if we could save you some? Redi-Rock Structures of OKI offers innovative precast electrical solutions. From concrete light pole bases to pull boxes to bollard bases, we do the hard part and deliver it right to your job site. We even offer a precast solution for EV charging stations.
The implementation of Redi-Rock light pole bases has significantly streamlined our site work processes. The efficiency and ease of installation have made a remarkable impact on our projects, their light pole bases have proven to be a game-changer, saving us valuable time and resources. The streamlined installation process has not only accelerated our project timelines but has also contributed to a more efficient and cost-effective operation. We highly recommend Redi-Rock Structures (LPB) light pole bases for any project requiring reliable, efficient, and time-saving solutions and we look forward to continuing our partnership for future endeavors.
Nick Schuler
Kings Electric Services
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