An ideal solution for railroad retaining walls
Looking for a railroad retaining wall that will stand the test of time? Look no further than Redi-Rock for the strictest structural integrity for your next railroad project. The entire system of Redi-Rock precast modular blocks and accessories is made of wetcast, first-purpose, air-entrained concrete. Offering flexibility, dependability and options to customize the appearance of retaining walls, Redi-Rock will exceed your expectations on the most challenging railway and transit projects.

Go full steam ahead on your toughest rail projects.

Redi-Rock retaining walls are structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you need to build a freestanding wall, hybrid wall, gravity wall or reinforced wall, simply mix and match from the library of Redi-Rock blocks and great-looking textures to create a custom integrated retaining wall solution for your next railway project.

Powerful railroad solutions built with Redi-Rock

Engineers around the world use Redi-Rock to meet all kinds of critical railway demands:

  • Support a live load
  • Elevate a track
  • Cross a wetland
  • Reach extreme heights
  • Hold up an embankment
  • Eliminate a switch
  • Meet AASHTO, LRFD, and AREMA specifications

You can count on our wealth of engineering resources and expert technical support team to help you go full steam ahead on your toughest rail projects.

Optimize Your Design for Rail Applications

Gravity wall illustration

Gravity Walls for Rail

Simplify your rail project with a tall Redi-Rock gravity wall. The sheer mass of our stacked, one-ton Redi-Rock precast modular blocks holds back the earth, eliminating the need for tiebacks. A strong, sheer interface connection is made by the patented knob and groove system and makes it easy to achieve the right setback angle. And the easy installation sequence—a lot like connecting giant Lego blocks—minimizes track closures and downtime. 

Reinforced wall illustration

Reinforced Walls for Rail

You can address the most demanding rail project structural needs—including meeting AASHTO, LRFD, and AREMA specifications—with a Redi-Rock reinforced wall designed with positive connection (PC) blocks. A weight independent connection is created by strips of geogrid that wrap through a core slot cast into the one-ton precast modular blocks. Does your rail project need to support heavy live loads, or reach extreme heights? With a Redi-Rock mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall you can do both. Not to mention eliminating the need to worry about metal fasteners or reinforcement interacting with stray electrical current.

Freestanding wall illustration

Freestanding Walls for Rail

Looking for top of wall safety functionality for your next rail project? Easily create barrier, parapet, or force protection options with Redi-Rock freestanding wall blocks. These precast modular blocks feature great-looking textures on both sides. Create a stand-alone wall with freestanding blocks, or use them with other Redi-Rock wall types to create a custom integrated wall solution. Either way, a Redi-Rock freestanding wall is sure to make your next rail project a structural and aesthetic success. 

Hybrid wall illustration

Hybrid Walls for Rail

Does your rail site scenario demand different engineering behind the wall? Mix and match Redi-Rock blocks to create a hybrid wall. With the fully integrated Redi-Rock precast modular block system you can combine all kinds of wall types for a cohesive solution that meets strict rail project specifications while adding complementary beauty through textures.

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