Stop worrying what problems the next rainfall might bring
Whether you have a winding stream that needs a wall with curves, or a retention pond that needs 90-degree corners, we have a Redi-Rock retaining wall solution that will perform under any water condition.

From flash flooding to freeze-thaw cycles, water can be a tricky thing to work with because it nevers stays the same. Redi-Rock makes your water retaining wall efficient and secure.

Water projects are complex but they start with a simple block. A better block.

A simple construction sequence allows you to minimize space requirements and keep installation moving quickly, in spite of bad weather. That’s because these giant blocks stack together using a patented knob-and-groove system…you’ll think you’re playing with giant Lego blocks.

Stormwater professionals have designed Redi-Rock walls to:

  • line storm channels
  • protect shorelines
  • stabilize marinas
  • control erosion
  • protect neighborhoods and businesses from flooding

With batter angles from zero to almost 40 degrees, and options to build your wall with or without reinforcement, Redi-Rock is the solution for sea walls, flood walls, water retention walls and just about any water application you face.

Redi-Rock is a proven, precast modular block retaining wall system, created by engineers, for engineers. The Redi-Rock retaining wall system uses massive one ton blocks made of 4,000 PSI (27.6MPa) concrete. These walls are known to perform against freeze thaw cycles, marine environments, and record-setting storms. From flood walls to seawalls, Redi-Rock can help.

Top 5 Reasons Redi-Rock is a Good Fit for Flood Walls

Durability & Longevity

Redi-Rock blocks are manufactured from structural-grade concrete mixes in accordance with ASTM C94 or ASTM C685, producing blocks that are resistant to freeze-thaw, deicing chemical exposure, and submerged conditions in both fresh and salt water.

Natural Stone Texture

The rugged stone relief of Redi-Rock blocks help them enhance the aesthetic appeal of walls, but it also helps to break up wave action and slow down the channel flow.

Massive Weight

The massive weight of the blocks, which range from 1,400 pounds (650 kilograms) to 4,840 pounds (2,190 kilograms), help them stand sturdy in water applications. The patented knob and groove technology locks them together like giant Lego blocks.

Non-corrosive Positive Connection Reinforcement

The Redi-Rock Positive Connection (PC) blocks have a weight-independent connection using a 12-inch (300-millimeter) wide strip of geogrid that wraps through the block. Because there are no metal fasteners or pins to corrode over time, the system is adept at handling water applications.

Ease of Installation

Redi-Rock blocks are machine set, so they speed up the installation process. Blocks arrive onsite ready to go. Having already met their compressive strength, they can even be set in water.

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