Light Pole Bases

Place the base and mount the pole same day with LPB precast

“There’s an easier way to do this…”

There is no waiting 28 days to cure. With our LPB you can place the base and mount your pole same day. Easy, efficient, and convenient.
- Zainn Ison, Electrical Business Development

Save time and money on your next project with our LPB finished pole base. LPB has a patented adjustable anchor bolt system, and four highly-accessible conduit pathways that are larger, roomier and easier to work with.

Advantages of Our Precast Light Pole Bases Over Traditional Cast-in-Place:

  • Save on material costs
  • Patented adjustable anchor bolt system
  • Save time on installation
  • Four easy-access universal conduit pathways
Light Pole Base Classic
Our standard precast LPB 8 foot pole base is ready to ship. This precast light pole base has a 1 inch chamfer around the top with a smooth finish on the sides.
We also produce made-to-order LPB concrete pole bases in the following sizes:
  • 4 foot light bases

  • 6 foot light pole bases

  • 8.5 foot light pole bases

  • 9 foot light pole bases

For your convenience we will ship our LPBs directly to your site!

For additional information about LPB precast light pole bases, please reach out to Zainn Ison ( | 513.673.4018) at any time.
Since our team here at Pro One Electric began using Redi-Rock's precast light piers we have become more competitive in pricing projects as well as being more efficient on the install. Our customers that we install Redi-Rock piers on are very happy with this product as well. The turnaround time from placing an order to delivery is very impressive.
Phillip Arnold
Pro One Electric
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