Freestanding Walls

Good looks and structural integrity in one
Redi-Rock freestanding walls maintain the structural integrity of a solution while looking great. Whether as top-of-wall finishes or stand-alone structures, Redi-Rock freestanding walls feature texture on two or more sides of the precast modular blocks. So you get an optimized freestanding wall solution with the appearance of limestone, ledgestone, cobblestone, or kingstone.

Why Choose a Freestanding Wall?

Implement Versatile Solutions

Freestanding blocks provide great versatility in the Redi-Rock system. With solid and hollow-core options, they can help solve problems from flood control to force protection.

Coordinate with Retaining Walls

Whether it’s a seat wall adjacent to or a barrier on top of a retaining wall, the seamless look and feel of freestanding and retaining products from Redi-Rock makes coordinating a no brainer.

Create Grand Entrances & Signs

The great textures of Redi-Rock can be used on elements other than traditional walls. Freestanding blocks are great for creating a privacy screening, framing an entrance, or holding up a sign.
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