Hybrid Walls

Mix and match blocks to design with versatility
Even when site scenarios demand different engineering behind the wall, the great thing about the Redi-Rock system is that all the precast concrete elements work together. So you can mix and match blocks for a seamless look, and never sacrifice structural integrity.

Why Choose a Hybrid Wall?

Mix and Match Blocks

The entire Redi-Rock precast modular block library is at your disposal. The blocks work together seamlessly, helping overcome your toughest challenges. Combine gravity, reinforced, and freestanding blocks in one wall solution.

Combine with Cast-in-Place Solutions

Another way to expand the functionality of the Redi-Rock system is to combine the precast modular blocks with cast-in-place concrete. From cantilever solutions with Redi-Rock textures to concrete backfill, the sky’s the limit for these solutions.

Design with Versatility

Hybrid walls from Redi-Rock provide great versatility in your design. A gravity wall atop a reinforced wall section can help create space for utilities or adapt to unforeseen circumstances on a job site.
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