Reinforced Retaining Walls

Achieve wall heights over 50 feet
Redi-Rock reinforced walls rely on the sheer size of one-ton, precast modular blocks that stabilize the soil behind the wall. We can help you achieve reinforced retaining wall heights over 50 feet, using geogrid or earth anchors.

Why Choose a Reinforced Wall?

Reach Heights Over 50 feet Tall

The weight-independent geogrid connection of Positive Connection (PC) blocks means that the limiting factor for the height of your wall will be the tensile strength of the geogrid itself, allowing for super tall walls.

Support Heavy Live Loads

The superior connection strength at the top of PC walls provides an advantage over friction connections, where oftentimes there’s not enough connection strength to support the pressure of a significant live load.

Reduce Geogrid Installation Errors

A 12 inch wide strip of geogrid wraps through the center core slot in PC blocks. It eliminates connection failures and also simplifies installation compared to directional sheets of geogrid.
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