Sycamore Township Selects Redi-Rock to Create Access for New FBI Headquarters

19.5 Foot Tall Gravity Wall Preserves 80% of Forest and Buffers Neighborhood Noise

Redi-Rock is known for building tall gravity walls using massive, one-ton blocks. But this wall shows just what our precast modular blocks are really capable of!

In 2011, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had plans to relocate its division headquarters from downtown Cincinnati to a high profile, mixed-use development site adjacent to I-71 in Sycamore Township, Ohio. 

Explains Tracy Kellums, Superintendent for Sycamore Township, "Sycamore Township chose Redi-Rock because we had a limited amount of space; we did not want to cut back behind the wall for tie-ins and we didn't want to lose trees that were buffering the neighbors from the project." 

Dave Wormald, P.E. of URS adds: "One of the primary reasons we chose the Redi-Rock system was because we wanted to design a gravity wall to reduce the amount of excavation required with minimal disruption behind the wall as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance."

More than a decade later, in 2023 the wall has retained its structural integrity and attractive appearance. Read the full FBI Headquarters story at Redi-Rock International.

Project Details

Ronald Reagan Drive Project #130


Sycamore Township, Ohio

Nemann Construction

Redi-Rock Structures of OKI

Cincinnati, Ohio

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