A revolutionary universal EV fitting system for EV charger points.

  • EV Blocks is a precast concrete electric vehicle (EV) charging point foundation that features a universal adaptor plate and side openings for conduit installation.
  • Our universal adaptor plate allows the below-ground infrastructure to be installed before the EV charger has been specified or selected, futureproofing your project.
  • Since the majority of chargers installed are Level 2, the Standard EV Block is an ideal solution that pairs with nearly all chargers on the market.
  • EV Blocks offer greater convenience than any other product on the market and save contractors and owners time, money, and stress all while meeting the highest quality standards, and providing a uniform finish every time.
  • The Standard EV Block is 22” x 22” and 24” tall. The size and mass of the Standard EV Block make it ideal for nearly all Level 2 charger installations.

Universal Top Plate

  • Can accommodate nearly all Level 2 chargers
  • Can be installed before chargers are chosen or specified
  • Blocks can be installed for future expansion – futureproofing your site
  • Allows for easy maintenance or future charger changeout
  • ADA slip resistant compliant and load rated when used in a passive installation

Side Opening

  • Four side openings to accommodate conduit from any direction
  • Allows for conduit ducting up to 6” diameter
  • Can be used as a cable pulling access point